Tourbuzz 3D Tour

Real Imaging presents a NEW AND EXCITING way to deliver your product in a SINGLE PROPERTY WEBSITEto keep all your important information in one easy to display place. 

Scroll down to view the Single Page Website

Your website offers placement of YOUR information at the top, along with the price of the property, an eye catching tag line and brief information.

This is ALL about YOU, your logo, name, contact information and if you have more then one tour, its a quick click of the button for clients to view them all.

The OVERVIEW provides the space for you to tell the story of the property to your potential clients. 

The NEIGHBORHOOD section opens a direct link, in a map, for the clients to see what is in the surrounding neighborhood, search places like school or grocery stores and the client can see in the vicinity how close the areas are.

PHOTOS are displayed in a collage format, by clicking on a photo it will enlarge the photo so it can be viewed clearer. 

Real Imaging will add JUMP SPOTS to your tour, for ease of movement around the property. Just let us know which areas you would like showcased. 

An exciting new product offered is the UI TAG. This allows Real Imaging to add a information tag to any place inside the tour. By clicking on the square picture, a link to a website for the item or a detailed description can be added. 

By clicking the MAP ICON in the top left hand corner of the tour, you can display a map that can be sized to your preference, to see where you are in the tour in relation to the rest of the property.

After clicking on a photograph to enlarge, you can view the photograph where its placed in the property. Also, use the arrows to slide the screen to choose if you would like to view the photograph larger or the map. 

Real Imaging likes to keep things exciting, not only can you view the floor plan BUT hover over the camera image to see what the room looks like inside. 

The top left hand corner offers different TOOLS you can use inside the tour. First is the option to see the map (floor plan), the arrows button will make the tour full screen to get a better view. The camera button allows you to take a photograph and download it at any place in the tour. The ruler is a MEASURING tool! Your client wants to know how large the windows are but your on the other side of town…. no problem, bring the tour up on your cell phone and easily measure instantly.  The last icon is the setting where you can change the language and metrics. 

Just want to use the tour and not the single page website, you’ll also receive a link for a 3D POCKET TOUR. Click on the eye icon to still be able to use the tools included inside the single page website. 

Watch this TUTORIAL to see it first hand.