Residential Real Estate

Posted pictures are great, they do tell a story, but an INTERACTIVE SCAN writes the whole book. Grabbing the attention of your market and holding it long enough to tell your story, is a complex and challenging task. Here at REAL IMAGING we offer two distinct packages to meet your specific needs. 

TOURBUZZSingle page web pages, downloadable, colored floor plans.

MATTERPORTHighlight reels, dollhouse images, 2d floor plan.

Call us at Real Imaging to discuss what works best for your residential needs.

Drone Video & Photo Slideshow

Video on media platforms is a quick way to capture the buyers attention, Real Imaging offers different styles of videos to best attract the attention your looking for. Drone footage is done by our licensed Drone operators to catch the beautiful landscape from altitudes up to 400 feet in the air. We also offer a video slideshow where you can feature the exterior and interior photos in a more exciting attractive way.

Aerial Video

Video Slideshow

Professional Photography & 360 Video Walkthrough

Our professional photographer has over 15 years experience in photography in many different aspects. He has an eye for detail with lighting, composition, and storytelling which captures emotion. We are excited to announce a new 360 video tour available which captures every detail in a property that enables the client to see a 360 view at all times during the video.

Professional Photo

360 Video Walkthrough

Floor Plans

Real Imaging offers different options for floor plans, we have your basic 2D floor plan that shows the doorways, walls, decks, and stairs, along with the measurements of each room. Our colored (textured) floor plan offers all of these options as well, but in a more realistic view.