Real Imaging 360 Video

Real Imaging is excited to announce a NEW and ADVANCED Real Imaging 360 VIDEOwhich provides 360 coverage for the viewer and SAME DAY PROCESSING. If you want to spend more time in one area, no problem, pause the video and continue to look around. Try it out below…..

If viewing on your cell phone, simply move your cell phone in the direction you want to view. (Unless on Iphone or any Mac products- can only be viewed through the You Tube app @ CanaView Real Imaging). If viewing from your computer, simply click and swipe with you mouse to the direction of desired view.

Contact us today for your Real Imaging 360 video! We offer different options, we can walk through and do the video for you or we can set you up to do the walk through. During construction of the video, voice over can be added or you can choose to talk about the property while walking through yourself.